Age of Conquest IV
Age of Conquest IV


Age of Conquest IV 

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Age of Conquest IV Review

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You can install Age of Conquest IV on Android version 4.0 or up, Age of Conquest IV fully supporting all Android versions and phones. Please note that above ratings are cumulative ratings since the app was listed on google play store. Check Strategy category for more android top games. You may find its Mod version on google, but believe me it is not worth it. Discover the perfect way to find this app Issues, Cheats and Tips tricks. Simply view the team discussions.

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User Comments:

User 1
This game is amazing, I just wish there were more diplomatic choices such as controlling the protectorates diplomacy and when someone declares war on the protectorate they declare war on the player as well. Maybe even adding some hearts of iron features such as dividing up a defeated country to nothing or limiting it by taking away some land, perhaps even making Demilitarization Zones. Only some thoughts. I love it either way.
Age of Conquest IV
User 2
Couldn't get past turn three. Keeps crashing! What I seen of the game was good but can't reboot every five mins to play
Age of Conquest IV
User 3
Good fun, but extremely basic. Even on the hardest settings the AI plays sloppily and is easily defeated. No dice rolling is nice, as luck influences the game very little.
Age of Conquest IV
User 4
Used to work. Now completely buggy and crashes all the time. Shame.
Age of Conquest IV
User 5
Love the game, but it's a little boring with just the one playable map. Also, a warning of unrest before your territories rebel would be awesome.
User 6
Is there a way you could save your own scenarios because I will make the setting just how I want them with the teams alliances and all that but it gets super annoying when u walkways have to set them every time I wanna play. Possible? And I have an idea, nukes. They could cost 1000s of gold (NOT COINS!) and would cut the population of the province that it lands in to 100 and the surrounding province to 5000. If you used it it would make the country hate you 100% and would have a likely chance of a war. If you were at war and you were attacked, then you could use them with no ine caring, but if you attack a nuteral country then you allies would dislike you. Also it would be cool if you can make a custom country. Open the map, tap a few provinces, and then name it, you could start out with 10 units. Or rename a country. It is a bit weird being called Belgian Congo when Belgium was eliminated and is not a country anymore. Thanks for the great game and keep up the good work!
User 7
It's a great game, but can you add some more difficult ai? Even the inhuman setting isn't that hard, I mean, an easy nepos win in barbarian invasion, also, some more free maps would be nice.
User 8
This game is amazing! Although I would like the developers to add more free maps and a realistic political landscape. I think that every country should have an equal starting army only in the maps where each player only has one province.
User 9
It's honestly a really good game you know the only thing I don't like about it is that you only get to have two maps and the rest you have to buy
User 10
The old version of this game was the best. Now I can't even figure out how to raise troops or even move them. This blows.
User 11
The mechanics for moving are a little bit weird, because it's a turn based game but everyone moves simultaneously. Otherwise it's a lot of fun.
User 12
"saving" banner appears every few seconds. You can't do anything. Please fix it. I really like this game.
User 13
Quite fun for a quick game on your phone! Obviously doesn't compete with Paradox or Total War, though...
User 14
Really good strategy game. Would like to see some more development in terms of the complexity of country relations e.g. a country alliance network diagram/web
User 15
This game is really cool! I have been playing for 5 minutes and already a pro at it. Its very fun and awesome. Keep up the good work!
User 16
I love it and you should let us make maps on the phone instead and update it like lord of the ring or something like that because it's a good game need more updates

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