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Assembly Line


Assembly Line 

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Assembly Line Review

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  • challenge your nerves

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You can install Assembly Line on Android version 4.0 or up, Assembly Line fully supporting all Android versions and phones. Please note that above ratings are cumulative ratings since the app was listed on google play store. Check Strategy category for more android top games. You may find its Mod version on google, but believe me it is not worth it. Discover the perfect way to find this app Issues, Cheats and Tips tricks. Simply view the team discussions.

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User Comments:

User 1
I love this game. Unfortunately if you advance to far the performance breaks heavily, because there is just too much going on {I'm on 10 assembly lines}. I'd love to see bigger areas (so I can build a super computer per tick) and maybe a multi selector splitter 3 way to make my lines even better. But all in all this game kept me busy for hours and I love it.
Assembly Line
User 2
fun game, I've also seen user's suggestions added. no premium currency! ads are not forced, and in game payout for watching ads increases as you progress.
User 3
It's a fun little sandbox engeneering game but it just lacks some things. Could be more awesome if everything was more optimized, like production cost vs splitters and filters. The robot arms in my opinion are too slow to transfer which makes them inefficient. Same for the starters spitting out 3 pieces but we only have a 2 way splitter.
User 4
Love this game, glad it's gets updated. as of the last update, you can change the amount of material that comes out of the starters. I was thinking you should make it so the starters use less energy depending on the amount of material, othwise limiting the material to match your setup just feels like you're not being effecient Are you thinking of replacing it with something else?
User 5
This game is really good, just a few minor (doable) steps away from being great. The menus feel a little un-polished, maybe icons to show the devices being upgraded or developed? But the big thing for me would be more complex blueprints. The higher end blueprints (tablet, microwave, computer, etc.) IMO should be using other blueprint creations as ingredients, instead of more raw materials. Other than these points, it's excellent.
User 6
It looks like it could be really good. The only problem is the sell cost of items makes complex machines pointless. Just selling raw materials, then wire then pressed plates only, is really simple and makes more money per second than even solar panel crafting. The sell cost of crafted items needs a x10 bump to even consider it. Then you want to consider the idea of items going up and down based on consumer demand.
User 7
I love everything about this game! It's just amazing, how you can create an army of little terminators (AI robots) in your own factory. The only thing, that's missing in my oppinion is some music. Anyways, I had lots of fun with this game, and I'm sure i will have more.
User 8
You expect a game like this to bombard you with ads and in-app purchases. Theyve managed to avoid both in a way that benefits the player. The game is the good kind of idle grind. Watch an ad if you want $$, otherwise optimize your output. All in all, coolbeans.
User 9
Amazing game, I really like the concept and the freedom to build any way I want. I get money from in-game ads, but nothing at all overnight. This is making progressing extremely slow, and almost not worth it. I'd recommend the game, but this is a major glitch that needs urgent attention.
User 10
Simple but challenging. This game will test your creativity and logic in designing an efficient assembly line. I can sit down and play for hours and never get tired. Absolutely love it, definitely a must play game
User 11
Costs for blueprints are misleading For example in the game the radio blueprints are $5,670k which actually represents $5.570 million not $567,000. Saved for ages only to realise I was only a tenth of the way there. Deleted after
User 12
Some useless tools, could be better if you were allowed to delay starters and crafters as once upgraded it can throw your factory out of order wasting materials. No complaints aside.
User 13
if you still have brain and curiosity after soooo much brainless games on google play, THIS game is for you! fun, addictive, smart and creative - that's how i see the game. big thumb up for the good time!
User 14
Great idea, but very poorly executed. For instance one type simple part made far more money than any other early game, making the game somewhat boring.
User 15
Loved the game, but it becomes unplayable once you have a big factory due to lag. This ruins the fun of building better factories since only simple ones will work.
User 16
Took a little time to get used to what the different machines are and do, but persevere and its a good little time killer. The ability to rename each individual machine would be a good addition.

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