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User Comments:

User 1
Final Fantasy Tactics is my favorite game in the Final Fantasy series. I've played both of the previous versions and had great fun with it :), so I was very glad to see it available on Android. I'm happy to say, that it works great on my LG Nexus 5X. The touch commands are mostly intuitive and the game plays without hiccups. I like the auto pause feature, even though I don't rely on it (saving after every battle in case something goes wrong). All in all still a great game and I'm looking forward to complete it again :)
User 2
Newest update is an improvement. The wuicksaving could use work similar to how it is on the iOS port still. It'll save but not mid combat like it does on iOS, instead it'll bring you to the last point on the map. Cloud saving is still a must though with how interchangeable devices are nowadays. Another feature the iOS version has that we are not fortunate enough to use. Even just making the save files accessible without rooting would suffice.
User 3
The good: Graphics are smooth and quick, cutscenes added to pivotal story moments, music is crisp, and nostalgia is 10/10. Probably one of my favorite tactics RPG's and definitely in my top 5 FF games. Great port! The bad: NO CLOUD SAVING. Recently switched devices and will have to start over. Could you please add cloud saving for porting across devices? I'd pay an extra fee for that. Seriously. Do that and I'm sure every 1 star will become a 5.
User 4
Pretty sold port here. Many things that I remember from the classic PS1 version.
User 5
I love this game, it is one of my all time favorites. The Android version is a great port and it runs really well. The only issue is that there is no way to backup saves without rooting your phone. That means if your phone breaks or you upgrade then all of your progress is gone. The IOS version already has cloud saving which makes this even more frustrating. I would easily rate this game 5 stars if this were fixed.
User 6
Final fantasy tactics was one of my original favorite games from back in '97. This is merely a graphical upgrade with new cut scenes, dialog, new jobs and characters, and increased difficulty in regards to improving your characters. One of my favorite improvements is the use of the touchscreen. It is very well suited to this kind of game. It's a highly intuitive control system compared to the original.
User 7
Solid port, runs great other than the fact you lose your save files. I've lost them twice due to updates or errors. This small problem makes it basically unplayable for me. Please fix this. I want to play without losing my saves!
User 8
They seemed to have fixed all of the incompatibility issues I previously had. I did have some occasion crashes happen but not often. The game itself is gorgeous and fun. Probably the best tactical RPG that's ever existed. And the story might be even better, but that's my opinion.
User 9
The game is great... But you cannot cloud save and without root you can't manually backup the save file either. Until this game gets a cloud save option like the other FF games I'll keep steering people away. Nothing like a crashed phone losing 10s of hours of play.
User 10
That's the message that will break your spirit again and again. Could happen in the middle of a battle or as you're allotting JP afterwards. Either way, it's a big problem. Fix it and 5 stars all day. And cloud save, please!
User 11
I had to have game b/c just a few nights ago I was contemplating playing it and having 2 w8! W8ng is the blasphemous part isn't it? I know u understand!! I bought it right b4 FORTNITE installation and it messed up both APPS
User 12
Can't give it anymore than 1 star when the game just stops working and there's no way to get support. Can reinstall due to lack of cloud saving. Worth the money if you enjoy playing a game halfway to never be able to finish it.
User 13
It would get a full 5 stars if the game didn't crash every time I fight a chocobo. I'm actually having a hard time getting past certain fights because it crashes so much.
User 14
Initially unplayable due to crashes and other issues, but newest update seems to have worked. It's still missing sound effects (the cursor clicks), but my favorite game of all time is playable. Thank you Google, and thank YOU Square-Enix.
User 15
Regret buying. During battles the camera pans so fast and so much it makes me physically ill. There is no way to turn it off. Even more worse is that the data is useless anyways. My first foray into FF will be my last. Wish I could get refund.
User 16
The game is fantastic and the port to android didnt hurt it much. My only real issue is the touch controls leaving much to be desired and no gamepad support. If they added gamepads id give controls a 5. Add gamepads square!

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