Hills of Steel
Hills of Steel


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1. Destroy! - Shoot Physics Based Projectiles!
2. Unlock! - Try out all of the tanks!
3. Upgrade! - Move Faster, Do More Damage & Armor Up!
4. Rank up! - Do you have what it takes to become a General?

Hills of Steel 

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Hills of Steel Review

  • Easy to play, educational application
  • Most addictive gameplay
  • Favorite games of kids
  • Just the perfect learning app for kids. 
  • challenge your nerves

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You can install Hills of Steel on Android version 4.0 or up, Hills of Steel fully supporting all Android versions and phones. Please note that above ratings are cumulative ratings since the app was listed on google play store. Check Action category for more android top games. You may find its Mod version on google, but believe me it is not worth it. Discover the perfect way to find this app Issues, Cheats and Tips tricks. Simply view the team discussions.

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User Comments:

User 1
Truly an addictive game to play no matter your preference. The overall feel of the game is smooth, never ran into any problems. Missions are fun, however, I strongly feel like it lacks content it should've already had to make the game that much better. I think it would bring in more players if you can make your own color schemes, tank equipment (such as visual design). Something that really hurts this game out of anything else is the lack of weaponary and stages. Destructive buildings every now and then would be a nice touch as well! All of that aside it's great to pass the time by.
Hills of Steel
User 2
The tanks are built so tipsy that you will die 90% of the time to them just flipping over. The treads make you sit up way too high so instead of a tank you have a rocking horse with a giant gun on it. It's f-in stupid.
Hills of Steel
User 3
The controls are horrible! They're too close together so you can hit the wrong button very easily and not do what you wanted to do. The tanks flip over for no reason all the time.
Hills of Steel
User 4
Great and fun time killer but there are 3 issues. 1. Starting tank at times when going up hill, if it gets hit it might turn over way too easy. 2. Progress does not save into google play games properly, you get the unlocked achievements but not your last "saved" state. This happened to me after uninstalling and reinstalling the game. 3. Coin "farming" is a real pain.
Hills of Steel
User 5
Dont get me wrong I like this game. But. The tank it love to flip over all the time . Its getting pretty annoying can ya'll fix this please. And coin are no going to lie but they are kinda seem hard to get. Maybe ya'll can lower the prices. Plz ☺
Hills of Steel
User 6
The game is great,but you should add more customisations for the tanks like you can change the color as well. Also there are a few lag spikes and it crashes sometimes, but pretty good, hope you can fix it soon :)
User 7
A fun game that's very addictive, though made two purchases which disappeared and I can't get a response to my inquires
User 8
I love this game creator of this game if your watching this rate I just wanted to tell you that this game is awesome or amazing you chose it
User 9
This is one addictive game once you figure it out you will have a lot of fun
User 10
Sucks. One star ?? coz I can't give zero or less that this one deserves. After the update my profile got reset needing me to put in the last 4 months again. Developers you messed up. Time to Uninstall.
User 11
Overpriced peace of garbage. You expect us to spend real money but... sometimes tank glitches in floor, i havent got any card parts and still i earned those a lot, stupidly high prices for anything. Obviously developer/s are frauds.
User 12
Racing to the right with hill climb physics and ribbon terrain that bounces and rocks your tank and this is whats used to aim. Fun enough and end game commercial break is great balance between game play/advertising.
User 13
I've been searching for a game like this for a long time. Thank you for creating this game. It's awesome. Their just one thing that I wish the game had., and that is having more control of aiming direction of the equip.
User 14
Game glitches and then if you save your coins for a large tank they won't let you get it unless you buy the lower ranked tanks with coins first. Wish someone had told me that if they would have I would have quit playing sooner.
User 15
Great potential but has terrible physics and the controls feel laggy and hard to use, doesn't stop accelerating for a good second after I let off the gas and likes to "ramp" up the front of enemy vehicles, like all of them...
User 16
So, if you keep wining they will change your damage rate, i have maxed out my titan but when i get hit by a titan i lose 25% health, but when i hit a titan he only looses 10%, can anyone explain why.......

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