Last Day on Earth: Survival
Last Day on Earth: Survival


Latest Feature

1. New ability system! Standard actions in locations earn you exploration experience and points for various skills.
2. The location entry screen has been updated.
3. A Recycler is now available. Give new life to all the junk in your chests!
4. Certain recipes have been changed.
5. The Gunsmith Bench is temporarily unavailable. Its functions are now fulfilled by the new Recycler.
6. The chance of a fuel tank dropping in the bunker has been increased.

Last Day on Earth: Survival 

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Last Day on Earth: Survival Review

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User Comments:

User 1
Realy great game, spectacularly put together. I think that this is one of the best survival game I've ever played but it's not without its issues. One of the biggest issues to me is the fact that you have to be level.28 to be able to chat to other players. I believe that if that time was shortened this game would be much better. P.S my players name is sykedsurviva because i did not have enough space to write it properly dont mind that just make my life easier, give me coins....please...LoL.
Last Day on Earth: Survival
User 2
I like the game so far I do think some things should be tweaked. First off I think travel times to the areas closest to your base should be reduced significantly. Also to build the chopper it takes so many materials. I understand you want it to take time and that is fine but with travel times, very limited inventory size, and weapons that get destroyed quickly it seems this game is only meant to be enjoyed by whales who will drop hundreds of dollars right away. Maybe allowing resources to spawn every hour by the base may help alleviate some of what I am talking about.
Last Day on Earth: Survival
User 3
I had did the new update and when it was done updating i had went into the game to play and all my progress was gone had me started from the begining and can not seem to get in touch with no one to get help to get my progress back so if someone can get back with me and get my game progress back it would be great. Love the game but no good if it keeps restarting and deleting my progress there is no since in keepin it. I have even bought stuff so that was money gone too. Please fix this issue.
Last Day on Earth: Survival
User 4
So let's talk about the gas tank. Over 20 red boxes, nothing. Over $150 on engineer creates, nothing. This item is needed to reach the open areas of the game. Make a weapon unobtainable not a part for transport! This game is starting to lose the fun of playing it.
Last Day on Earth: Survival
User 5
This was such a great game at first. There were plane wrecks where you could get decent gear and weapons, then there was the shipwreck that was the same. They all got removed and replaced with a free crate every hour where u receive a single nail or coin. They are making the game impossible unless you dump a bunch of money into it or cheat. Loosing interest very fast and I hope the next updates get better not worse like they have been.
Last Day on Earth: Survival
User 6
This game really is amazing... but what I need now is HELP! I can not retrieve my progress I am level 88.. My niece just deleted all cache and data in app settings, he did it to all the apps of my cp... and then I tried to connect my account hoping to reconnect my progress, but nothing happened, back to start again... why like this? Please help... ASAP... I'll appreciate it so much... thank you...
Last Day on Earth: Survival
User 7
The Gas Cylinder on my motel spawned inside the room where you're supposed to get in by exploding the wall, i have screenshots of it, now i can't access the inner rooms of the motel because of this bug. Please help and i'll give you 5 stars :)
Last Day on Earth: Survival
User 8
The update takes longer to load which can be frustrating. I'm already dead by the time I am able to see anything and control my character. Please fix your servers!
Last Day on Earth: Survival
User 9
I will never buy coins again until you add a confirmation button to speed up process with coins. I have accidently pressed on the use coin button so many times when trying to access a workbench. I feel so cheated everytime I accidently spend coins like that?? please fix this
Last Day on Earth: Survival
User 10
PLS HELP. My game is stuck at loading screen after the 1.7.2 update. I have never done any kind of Hack or Mod. Pls fix it ASAP so i can again change the rating to 5stars
Last Day on Earth: Survival
User 11
Iam in 92nd lvl still dint got gas tank. This is last time iam going to alfa bunker if i dint get tank again il uninstal this game. No dought this is a aasum game
Last Day on Earth: Survival
User 12
Great game with a few minor glitches. Too much time waiting for energy to replenish as well. Really fun time passer though
Last Day on Earth: Survival
User 13
I would have put 3 stars due to a glitch where my character is stuck in one place and cant move (homebase) and no its not modded...ive reinstalled it so hopefully this fixes the bug
Last Day on Earth: Survival
User 14
Very good game but waiting until u get from one spot to another is killing, and u use all energy in 3 runs or 4
Last Day on Earth: Survival
User 15
The game is cool but i have a problem the farm door will not open when i put the box in crooked Creek farm
Last Day on Earth: Survival
User 16
Its perfect all events, crashed convoy, crashed plane, rest stop, airdrop, all graphics perfect everything!!!!!

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