Last Shelter:Survival
Last Shelter:Survival


Last Shelter:Survival 

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Last Shelter:Survival Review

  • Easy to play, educational application
  • Most addictive gameplay
  • Favorite games of kids
  • Just the perfect learning app for kids. 
  • challenge your nerves

Read reviews, walkthrough customer comments, checkout screenshots, videos and cheats on Last Shelter:Survival below. Download it from Google play store by just clicking on above Google Play store Link. You can also get help from other Last Shelter:Survival game users by commenting below form. Last Shelter:Survival Mod can't be requested in comments. Huge collection of androids phones, Tables and PCs available in our stock. There are many games related also shared. 

You can install Last Shelter:Survival on Android version 4.0 or up, Last Shelter:Survival fully supporting all Android versions and phones. Please note that above ratings are cumulative ratings since the app was listed on google play store. Check Strategy category for more android top games. You may find its Mod version on google, but believe me it is not worth it. Discover the perfect way to find this app Issues, Cheats and Tips tricks. Simply view the team discussions.

Impress your friends and fellows with your game record screenshot and just challenge other users to perform better in this app. For more cheats and tricks on this app, you can view discussion in comments.  

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User Comments:

User 1
what happen to update all my resources are decreasing especially the electricity?are you really trying to make it good or make it bad?you always have a bad update.i hate it -5 star.
Last Shelter:Survival
User 2
Loot from attacking zombies on previous version is better than new updates :(
User 3
Not working even i have a strong wifi
User 4
Are really updating the game to make it good one or you are upgrading a shit. Close the game if you cant handle it.
User 5
This game has made me start over 5 times. It will not load and makes me reinstall and i loose all i have accomplished. Even if I bind it to an account
User 6
Acp recovery in marching is sucks you know why many player quit this game free shield after you get attacked 2.inbalance game strong player can attack lower enemy even level 1 realistic fight to boring marching speed sucks!!!im playing many trends games like coc 4. You can't visit enemy base formation also if you get raided you must repair your building not to get cracked on screen phone 5.the acp recovery in march is sucks dude if player get bored you know what im mean they gonna quit!!! Also me im gonna quit.. if i dont have any reply receive im gonna quit this game... back to coc
User 7
Wouldn't let me place a water filter so couldn't get past the second thing to place. Stupid waste of time. Uninstalled after less than 5 minutes
User 8
Cant enjoy because other players make it impossible by attacking before you have a chance.
User 9
Game is same as most. Don't bother asking for in game support for any bugs because they will never respond to you.
User 10
Cant get ahead no matter how much time you put in. I assume that's why people pay for extras. I gave it a try but giving up
User 11
U struggle through the game for resources. Every upgrade for training camps and base cost way too much. It can all be wiped out with one good attack. And there goes all ur money
User 12
Hard to figure out, lots of little things that can't be done unless you buy stuff. I have been playing for 3 days, and still have no idea how this is a "shelter" game when not one single zombie has attacked my base.
User 13
Basically you have spend money in order to protect yourself from bullies. Not fun since large players use all your hard work buy attacking and taking your items, just not worth it. Find another game.
User 14
All I do is get attacked. Never can grow because I'm sitting between people that all they do is attack me
User 15
Should not have to buy Pax 2 unlock buildings kind of takes away from enjoying the game. Especially if I got to spend $25 just to get one item.
User 16
Too many glitches and they keep changing things that shouldn't be changed. Keeps forcing you to buy packages to get to where you need to be to keep up with everyone else.

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