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Seedship Review

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User Comments:

User 1
A fun little time waster. The stories of the colonies are entertaining, and the random nature of the planets keeps you questioning whether you should settle or risk damage to a component by moving on. Only thing stopping 5 stars is each time you move on you're probably taking damage, so going past 5 or 6 planets means your colonists are not going to do well. Other than that, a good bit of fun.
User 2
So simple in design, so deep in story. The way the text is written makes you look beyond the numbers on top (which 90% of the time is all you, technically, need) and get immersed in a scenario, where you feel burdened with the responsibility for humanity's survival. And each game only takes a maximum of ten minutes.
User 3
Decent game with a fun premise overall, but Falls flat rather quickly when you realize that there's really nothing to prevent anything. Your interactions are merely responses to random events that may or may not happen quickly. Making this game extremely non-interactive. I found myself wishing that my choices had some kind of actual outcome, rather than just being along for the ride. The events which are indeed random are the real deciders making the game very boring after a couple of playthroughs which happen quickly
User 4
Fun quick game when your internet cuts out or your data is maxed.
User 5
A fun little game about system priorities, and damage mitigation. Graphics for quality of result can be very unfriendly to the colourblind, often hard to read on either LoD or DoL modes. Is addictive to just keep pressing that new game button.
User 6
Cool game, acknowledging its limitations. First play for high score, then play for low score - both are fun! Mine are 12437 and 2579. See if you play for low score then flip-flop your goal along the way because you think "oh look at that great planet, this is The One".
User 7
This is one of the best games for mobile. The concept is absolutely genius and with just a little bit of imagination this game can become a movie/reality of your own. One down side is that after playing 2 or 3 times the story becomes repetitive. Please add more content.
User 8
I love the anticipation that comes with this game. To stay and see if the colony survives not only the atmosphere, but themselves. Or to move on in hopes of a more sustainable planet, whilst risking the survival of the seeds and the ship itself... Fantastic!
User 9
Very cool consept. It's the closest thing to Dwarf Fortress on my phone I've been able to find. Would be neat if the player could continue to take an active role post-colonization somehow. And the dynamic story does get a little repetative.
User 10
Please can you expand this game by a factor of ALOT add a sound track some animations. LORE More alien stuff and maybe after colony gameplay More upgrades more events. Personally this is the best free space game I have ever played
User 11
It's a very simple text based adventure game where you make decisions to save humanity. My issue is that RNG plays in heavily. Instead of meaningful and deep dilemmas, it's usually just a 50/50 chance that your decision will work out.
User 12
Very enjoyable, it's simplistic and easy to play. It is somewhat short in content though, and youll also run into the same dialogue sequences quick. despite that, I feel as if this game has a lot of potential. I'd love to see a follow up game to this.
User 13
This is a neat little minimalist strategy gane with a lot of evocative writing. If I could only improve one thing it would be to enlarge the list of colony names as they tend to reoccur frequently during play.
User 14
This is a very good game! I love how you can make choices about what you choose to do along the ships journey, how leave the reason I can't yet put 5 stars is because the texts can become repetitive. Please add a lot more different text scenarios.
User 15
Nice game. Gets a little repetitive over time. Still great to play Has some serious logic problems though (ppl live in caves on a planet wide ocean? Dangerous ruins in a planet wide ocean?)
User 16
I love this game. It's difficult, but it makes you want to beat it. Although I hate how the events constantly work against you, rarely with you. Idea: Be able to create custom scenarios and endings.

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