Space Arena: Build & Fight
Space Arena: Build & Fight


Space Arena: Build & Fight 

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Space Arena: Build & Fight Review

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You can install Space Arena: Build & Fight on Android version 4.0 or up, Space Arena: Build & Fight fully supporting all Android versions and phones. Please note that above ratings are cumulative ratings since the app was listed on google play store. Check Strategy category for more android top games. You may find its Mod version on google, but believe me it is not worth it. Discover the perfect way to find this app Issues, Cheats and Tips tricks. Simply view the team discussions.

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User Comments:

User 1
Bumped this up to 5* after further playing. An amazing game with intuitive controls and many different things to do, that continuously introduces more content and functionality as you level up. This keeps the game fresh and interesting, and adds quality-of-life controls as your playtime increases. It doesn't feel like a grind at all - it feels super fun even after many hours of play!
Space Arena: Build & Fight
User 2
Really fun, a nice startategy and idle style game with some nice room to just have fun and test builds. It has alot of nice features, expecially at higher levels, and its pritty easy to get into and to stay into. I would ask though that you add a feature where you can choose how your ship fights (ie: get close to the other ship/go over other ship, keep distance, try to get to the sides). Also some skins for you character would be nice, even if it dosent do anything (but you could do something like the type of character you have affects your fight style).
User 3
I only put a 2 star on it because I was playing the game and it was great... until I tried to go back into the game today and it started loading like usual but this time it doesn't stop loading, I've tried closing the game and going back and (which didn't work) I've also tried reseting my phone and shutting it down (which didn't work either). Please fix I'll then rate this 5 stars because it's awesome!!!!
User 4
Fantastic game! Love the ships and building, and especially the progress through the game. The grind is perfectly paced. Some things that would make it even better would be being able to challenge your friends and watch replays of attacks on your own ships. Once communities and clans are added this game will become so popular. Loving it already! Underrated! (Multiplayer battles please devs?)
User 5
Decent game, I like being able to build the ships and outfit them how I want. Wish there was some control over your ship during the battles though. Also I don't seem to be getting any celestium from the single player, would like to get that fixed. But overall its a good time killer
User 6
Game is a nice little time waster. I love games like this where you can customize and this one does that quite well. Also doesn't punish you for grinding for premium currency. However, I keep running into a glitch that eats Celestium when I try and upgrade ships. Its happened enough times that it's dropped my rating from 5 to 3
User 7
So I log in after the latest update and 3 of my ships are missing the module upgrades I purchased. Most of them with real money.
User 8
Not a bad game, but why is it that once I reached level 12ish all of a sudden my shields stop working far sooner than any of my opponents? Mine will just die randomly and theirs will be up all match. Yes I have 100% power too.
User 9
Love the game but the timer for losing your ship needs to go. I'm a money spender and I would still throw money at this game if you got rid of death timers so it makes no sense why they are there. Remove death timer and I'll rate 5 stars.
User 10
For any fans of Robot Wars/Machine-designing games out there; you need to play this one. A little persistence and you will quickly get into it. Great visuals, epic campaigns and an all-round brilliant game.
User 11
It's a fun game. My only complaint is how expensive the cash shop and almost everything else is. A few purchases is the equivalent of paying for a triple AAA game. I'd be more inclined to spend $ if they lowered their prices.
User 12
Build ships and let auto pilot fly them for you to beat enemy ships in an arena style one vs one dogfight. Good game that doesn't take to much time out of your day and pay to win is hardly a factor.
User 13
Pretty fun game and able to stay competitive without buying anything if you don't want. Controls could be better/more precise, and I have to turn off the sound every time I open the game and that's annoying.
User 14
I love this GODDAMN GAME!!!!! In this game, you can build your own ship, whatever you want(but sometimes you would crash and burn lol) It isn't money grabbing, and the ads aren't very much. Highly recommended for everyone
User 15
Love it. Lots of ships and numourous ways of customizing them. @HC I doubt I'll be getting bored anytime soon. You have updates with new weapons and ships coming soon. Both of wich you worked with your community of players to create.
User 16
This game would be okay except for the pay to play nonsense. They're asking for $500 to unlock content. Absolutely no joke. $129 to unlock a ship, and, seriously here, $500 to unlock parts. I wouldn't pay $50. F*** these guys.

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